Stainless steel bain marie with over shelf?

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Electric Stainless steel bain marie Series is captivating advantages of similar products abroad, made the design, reasonable, novel style structure with simple operation. It has a proper function, a suitable layout, and less area. It is appropriate for Western and Chinese restaurants & fast food equipment utilized.


1. Complete stainless steel body with stainless steel pans.
2. High efficient heating element saves energy.
3. Auto temperature control & Variable heat.
4. Easy and safe to operate.
5. Factory straight sale, competitive price.

Why is a Potato peeler machine required?

The potato peeler integrates the simplicity of use for the operator with good solidness. The operator has at his disposal a display console with a rotating assembly in which he has all the essential functions.

It also reveals important information such as the number of peeled potatoes, capacity, working hours, and the recognition of any operational issues. Finally, a chain of individualization transports the potatoes from the feed hopper and puts them on the crossbars of the transport chain.

The method used in the potato peeling machine is responsible for protecting the energy consumption low while reaching a higher peeling quality.


• deal quality of peeling.
• Low noise volume.
• High utilized
• Uninfected design (easier to clean and germ-free).
• Low air consumption and energy.

Various adjustments are available to adjust the potato peeling machine of distinct diameters.


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